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7 inch touchscreen

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LOl, ok so yea i really fell in love with circle dock . .so much so is im buying a 7 inch touch screen monitor in order to put circle dock on so i can aceess all my stuff at a press of a button. Think ittl work. anyone ever test CD with a touch screen.


this is a mini usb touchscreeni found for cheap hopefully ittl work if not BACK TO THE INTERWEBS WITH IT

this is a very cool idea.. i can't wait to hear how it goes.  let us know!

you guys think the rotation would work correctly on a touchscreen?

I see no reason that it should not work properly.
I do know of a couple of folks running CD on 10in Netbooks and it runs just fine ;)

I do not know for certain if CD will "Spin" on a touchscreen, but all other functionality should be in place

I was jsut thinking about the spinning . . is there anyway to change the spinning option to another key other then the mouse scroll wheel . . like a left mouse hold


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