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iCare Format Recovery v2.0-Free until June 16 2010

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Flag Day offer - Worth $69.95, Now $0.00- Free until June 16

Keep iCare Format Recovery free as your computer repair DIY toolkit whenever it has data loss. What job does it do?

Undelete and unerase files
Unformat from reformatted hard disk, external disk, USB disk, memory card...
Recover files from lost partition
Restore files when system unbootable
Recover files from bad MBR
Unformat camera photos
Recover files from human error, software error, system errors...

Umm...thanks, but today is June 24th. That makes it six days too late. Might have been better if you posted this on the 13th when you joined DC. Because at this point it's just an ad.   :)


Possible they removed the older exe and the new one the serial code dont work anymore, sorry....

Those who want a full version of iCare Data Recovery Software (which includes several modules including Format Recovery) can go here for the download and registration code.

Note: I am aware the site indicates this offer expired on July 15th, but I am telling you that it still works.


Thanks for telling!

It should be noted that it is version 3.8.3, not "v.2.0".


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