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Hey I found this a while back it helped me choose. I use a couple of on demand ones but AVAST is my favourite.

I dunno whether to use Kaspersky or NOD32 - both are pretty great. Kaspersky might be a bit heavier, but it's behavioral blocking is really nifty. NOD32 migth catch a bit more things now and then, but it's at the cost of false positives - not something that I can afford at the place I admin. It also doesn't save it's "is this file already scanned?" database to disk, which makes it a bit slower at first-time-after-reboot scans than KAV.

STAY AWAY from BitDefender. It's scanning engine isn't all that good, and it's an unstable POS. I've had to disable hyperthreading on all P4 boxes to avoid BSODs.


Just some info. BitDefender uses two engines. the Kaspersky engine is one of them. I used BitDefender for two months and liked it. I had no problems. I was just about to buy it when AOL released their free AV stuff that uses the Ksaperky engine, so now I use the AOL AV stuff. I've used that for several months and it works well. Just my two cents.

Hmm, are you sure BitDefender uses the KAV engine? I thought it used BullGuard stuff (since that's what some of the MS KB articles that I get from BSODs lead to)...

Doesn't matter if it uses the KAV AV engine for some things though, other of it's components (ie, the drivers) are shit unstable - four Pentium4's that need HyperThreading disabled don't lie. And golly I'm glad I finally got all boxes upgraded to XP, the BitDefender experience on Win9x was even worse.

Funny thing really, since it worked perfectly on my home box - which is why I chose it for my workplace >_<

Bitdefender have their own engine. Bullguard license stuff including Bitdefender. Some AV I cant remember name of use both Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

False postive situation changes all the time. Check Avira/Antivir, used to be bad - now as good as Nod32. Matter of maintaince and since Avira is on a roll they look better. See latest retroactive test from AV-comparatives. Also show why Kaspersky is going to release new heuristic engine soon  8)


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