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Google Goes FARR... sorta


Paul Keith:
Googlers from the Street View team created the application for their own use, but have now turned GoogleCL over to the general public. It accepts commands to Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Contacts, Picasa, YouTube, and Blogger. Here’s an example command:

$ google calendar add “Social Media Day SF Party at 7pm”

--- End quote ---

Haven't tested this and don't plan to since I don't know CLI and can't be bothered to install Python everywhere but it looks interesting. I could even see Google finding a way to popularize this to the masses. (It's not that hard. RTM already did it with the smartbar. It just needs a few cues)

Google Releases Command-Line Tool for YouTube, Calendar, Docs, and More

from: Mashable

Thanks for sharing that!
Reminds of "the good old days" when sending email was via CLI (mail command).

Maybe someone can make a farr plugin for GoogleCl -- that would be cool.

Found the following concerning getting GoogleCL to run on Windows:

Looks like Python is required.

I just read about googlecl on another site. My first thought was: hey, this would be cool to hook up to FARR! :)


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