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NANY 2011 :: Calling All Volunteers and Entrants wanting a hand

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Perry Mowbray:
Ronen, the very generous developer of SandboxIE has made available some copies of SandboxIE for use by our volunteers that would like to use it when testing the (numerous) NANY Entries this year!

The license, like the others, is yours to keep after NANY 2011 has finished. It's the 12 month Personal License... so SandboxIE will revert back to the Free Version after 12 months has elapsed.

If you're interested in availing yourself of this offer PM me...

Perry Mowbray:
I've had to withdraw the SandboxIE offer  :(

Long story... won't go into it now, but just a misunderstanding about what was on offer  :-[

I'd like to volunteer in the area of icons creation. I am no graphic designer or have any expertise in this area but I do like to tweak icons for my personal use. Please PM me directly for a couple of simple examples or you can show me where I can start and also with and a direct link to your NANY project.


Perry Mowbray:
 :Thmbsup: Awesome Lan!!

... and what a generous first post!  :-* Thanks for participating: I hope you enjoy your NANY Volunteering

I am open for testing or documentation review as needed by developers when they are ready, just contact me and let me know what help you will need.   

 ;D :D :P :Thmbsup: :up:


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