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Firefox Add-on: SiteDelta

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Started testing out the SiteDelta Firefox Add-on today:

SiteDelta can scan for changes to a website since your last visit.

It adds a small Delta icon to your browser status bar. When you click onto it, it highlights all changed text contents of the current page (since the last time you clicked onto it). Clicking again cycles through the changes. Rightclick onto the icon provides access to other features offered by SiteDelta.

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From the features page:

   * Scan pages you are visiting - what has changed?
    * Highlights inserted, deleted and moved text as well as changed images (if the file name changed)
    * Checks even password-protected pages (only HTTP-Auth)
    * Select interesting page regions you want to check
    * Ignore regions you are not interested in or that change often (e.g. counters, current date, ads etc.)
    * Save selected regions as presets to use them for all similar pages
    * Automatically scan known websites for changes
    * Optional: Archive all changed versions of the page

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Any other users?

Firefox Add-on: SiteDelta

Paul Keith:
I haven't tested this but try comparing it with Page Monitor from Google Chrome.

Both seems to have the exact same features minus the scissors

Seems to be intriguing enough to try out. Hopefully, I'll find it useful enough to keep.

Seems to be intriguing enough to try out. Hopefully, I'll find it useful enough to keep.
-Innuendo (June 19, 2010, 02:35 PM)
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I agree, but since I use Chrome, I have to thank both ewemoa for bringing it up and Paul Keith for showing me the Chrome extension. :Thmbsup:

FWIW, I'm not using all of the functionality (for example the sidebar and finer-grained control over scheduling and scanning), but at the moment, am leaning toward keeping this one installed.  I've been using it pretty much at least once a day since installing it.

The types of places I tested it on include:

* Wikis with recent changes pages
* Forum topic listings
* Changelog pages for software
I find the following functionality particularly helpful:

SiteDelta does not only inform you when something changed - it also shows you WHERE and WHAT changed. You don't have to read through the entire page to find the news - just read the interesting (changed) parts.

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Came across the following Wikipedia article too:


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