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Is URLSnooper Regional


Some websites that were previously unaccessable are opened if you use a program that changes your IP. What I would like to know is URLSnooper2 the same when downloaded from different countries. It appears to identify the originating country of request when searching for a URL feed. Thank you


I'm not sure i understand the question.. There is only one version of URL Snooper and this is it's official website.

Sorry my post was not very clear, will try to explain more fully. URLSnoope2 has been used from UK to access some feeds from Site A based in USA, this has been very successful. There has been a change and now it is only possible to access Site A from within USA not outside. Have now a program to change my IP to USA. The IP changes every time I log on. This enables Site A to be fooled into thinking I reside in the USA. Access to Site A is now works. When I try to use URLSnooper2 to obtain URL feeds from Site A there is reference in the coding to 44 which is the code for UK. If URLSnooper2 identifies that I am searching from the UK then obviously the Site A will be blocked and I will be unable to access any feeds on that site. Based on what has been stated here should I be able to use URLSnooper2? Hope you understand. Thank you

url snooper watches traffic as it goes between your normal applications and the internet -- it does not modify the communication in any way and communication doesn't pass through it on the way to the site.. so url snooper should not have any effect on the processes you are using.


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