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Okay folks, my Google-foo has failed me again and so I turn once again to you, the very knowledgeable DC community.  I have been trying for over a year now to print a monthly Excel report in duplex.  It is set up where each location is on a different worksheet, and I need to print the entire workbook.

Problem - When I print it out, even though I set it up as Entire Workbook and choose the duplex option, Excel sends each worksheet as a separate job.  If each worksheet is longer than 1 page, it duplexes it, but it will not duplex worksheets.

Current workaround is cumbersome, but does work. That is that I print to PDF, combine the worksheets into a single PDF, then print the PDF.  There has got to be a better way and I am looking to you to help me find it.  Anyone know it?


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