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Additional Feature Request


Hi Mouser,

There is one additional feature that would be nice - the ability to set picture opacity, with a slider and/or a number value.

With this feature, one could use the picture as a background, with text on top of it, and the text would be fully readible, but yet the picture would still be there, even though it would be faint.

In cases where the picture doesn't fit the entire window, opacity should only affect the picture and not the actual background color that might show at the picture edges.

Just wondering if this could be added to a future enhancement list?


i'll add it to my todo list but it's not easy to do using the current code, and as you may be the only person on the planet using this tool.. it's pretty low on the priority scale :)

I sure hope that I am not the only person using this fine program.  I have promoted it on the CQ100 virtual radio.  Some of the guys I talk to are indeed using it.  But I agree that a major shange to the program code would be a lot of work.  But thanks for replying to my message anyway.

I use your program everyday with the CQ100/QSO-TV, so I know you have one very happy customer, even though I know you would like thousands.  LOL



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