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NANY 2011 Release: DCDisplay

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Ok, should have a new version this weekend. I have the database present (it takes a while, but you can quit and carry on again another time) which creates a html summary which you can browse. It checks for each image to find any corrupted ones, reports any embedded zip / rar files inside an archive, reports number of pages found (it assumes 2 pages if width > height), works out a checksum so it can find duplicates (it's image based checksum, so even if files are renamed and archived in a different format it can still identify it), and also gives the average resolution (some older scans were too low rez and probably need to be rescanned).

I've got a new installer. I'm using native c# code for uncompressing the zip and rar files so I've made it threaded to make the UI more responsive. I've got cross process communication (so if you start a 2nd instance it will pass the command line to the first instance and then exit). Pressing F1 will now load the Readme.cbr file and backspace will load the previous file you were reading.


I've extended the database features, it now generates 3 sets of files rather than just by title (it generates by title, date, & path) and then generates index files that refer to each of those. I've also improved the Browser, so it has BACK, PREV, NEXT, buttons.


looking good!

Hi there,

It looks like a nice program, but it crashes as soon as I try to start it.

During the first setup, it installed directx9 and XNA.
During the second setup, it says that directX9 en XNA are present.

It's probably something windows. Maybe I should reboot first, so that windows loads XNA correctly.

Do you have any idea?

Ok, I'm about ready to release a new version, so I'll put everything in a try / catch block so that it will give more detailed description of the problem.



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