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NANY 2011 Release: DCDisplay

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Here are some:

They display great in DCDisplay  :up: :up:

DCDisplay is very cool.
I have to say though personally that i find these website Deployment things with weird installers that put non-standard shortcuts and do weird things, totally baffling and frustrating.  Im not sure that is something you have an option with wrt XNA, etc.  but i find it ironic that once again Microsoft is pioneering ways to do f*cked up non-standard totally alien confusing things on their own operating system.

I think you also need some way to show some help even after user has loaded their first comic.
I read the introductory 2 pages, very nice and clear.
Then i loaded a comic, looked great.
Then i was totally completely lost as to the keyboard hotkeys that were shown to me on initial load, and could not figure out how to display help or do anything despite pounding all over the keyboard.

Hitting W key goes to window mode (but doesn't show any window menu this first time).
Hitting W twice more toggles full screen and window mode again and now i have a menu!

The only option i really miss is being able to set the background to black.


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