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NANY 2011 Release: DCDisplay

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I think it may be in the user folders but havent checked - it shows up in my uninstaller programme anyways so I'm not worried :)

Sounds promising and is looking very good

I'm a few months late, but I figured I'd mention there is already an opensource project called CDisplayEx. I've been using that for months. It hasn't been worked on in a while I think, but I am not sure what else one might wish to add.

Still, I look forward to seeing DCDisplay. :)

I am using C# and XNA to use 3D card with a pixel shader, which allows realtime correction of colors (as well as fixing other issues, such as rotation). I plan on having XML script for an issue, so you can set parameters for each page if needed, this is better than adjusting the original jpg and resaving as that will introduce additional artifacts. The other main thing I want to add is the ability to store a database of all the comics / magazines you have, and allow fast access to them.


I just updated the first page with a new version of DCDisplay that fixed a small bug (minimize in windows mode would crash the application), and took the opportunity to add in abbreviation expansion in file names (LSH would expand to Legion Super Heroes for example). I should have a report generator soon (I've already got it so that it will produce a thumbnail of the cover and parse a html template).


Are you planning more portable version (wihout installer)?


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