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Vasilios Freeware - really nice page of utilities, donations appreciated

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Vasilios Freeware Applications

some really nice stuff there, index here:


I'm always constructing applications that are useful for my programming jobs. When I think that some of them can be helpful to someone else, I beautify them and I publish them.
Until 2004, I was constructing applications with an interface, tooltips and help files in my native language (Greek) that they were publishing in my country's Computer Magazines and they were offered from Greek Downloading Portals.This year I decided to turn worldwide.
I believe in Freeware for all, that's why you will find here only that kind of Applications .
Hoping that I've helped you somehow,
--- End quote ---

if you like them send him a donation and drop him a note saying you appreciate what his approach.

* his donation button and email are on the front page:

cant seem to get through to that link -

I mean the Vasilios one !

this works though

Nice find mouser. Panel Commander and Unlimited Menus look interesting. I think I'll check those out this weekend.

btw, just a reminder for AVG users. some of Vasilios' programs may be flagged down as having trojan horses. but having verified with the author, it is just a false positive.

 :down:Please UPDATE the link, the previous link DOES NOT WORK


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