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June 2010 Discount and Giveaway: XYplorer - Winners Posted

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This Month's Special Discounts and Giveaways:

* XYplorer (50% discount)
Discount available until end of June.

XYplorer is a popular replacement for windows explorer that has gotten rave reviews from many forum members on DonationCoder.  See here for a user mini-review of the program and here for a long list of posts on the forum discussing it.

Supporting members can take advantage of discount: here.
Or enter to win a free copy: here.

That's an excellent product!
Thanks to those involved in arranging this.

That's an excellent product!
Thanks to those involved in arranging this.
-cranioscopical (June 10, 2010, 03:46 PM)
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Nice license too
The XYplorer Lifetime License Pro entitles one person to use the full version of XYplorer on any number of devices for an unlimited time.
Plus, the key is valid for ALL future versions, so you pay once and get all upgrades for free!
--- End quote ---

I just trialed the newest version and found it had all the features I am looking for now (Since version 8 in fact, but I hadn't tried it in a few years).  I will definitely be getting a license after payday, and if I win one, well I guess I will just have to give my wife that copy  :P :-*

Winners of the June 2010 Giveaway Drawing

June 2010 Giveaway Drawing

Supporting Members, you've got until the last day of the month to take advantage of this month's Discounts..

This Month's Special Discounts and Giveaways:

* XYplorer (50% discount)

Winners of 'XYplorer' (5):

* BigJim
* mm5595
* superboyac
* steeladept
* honeybunkleAll winners are now being notified by email to their forum email address.  If you haven't received an email but your name is listed above, check spam filters and forum email address, and then mail [email protected] and let us know you never got any mail.  It can take a few days for companies to send you your serial number; if a few days pass and you haven't received it - send a reminder to the company email as noted in your winning notification email, or to us by replying to the email you received or to us directly.

Curious about how we award prizes?  See for a discussion about our custom prize optimizer utility. Winning something one month reduces your chances of winning the next month, and being helpful on the forum slightly increases your chances.


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