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Measuring PC boot-up time by component - and tweaking it with Soluto

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Update 2011-03-31 from me:
Sorry I haven't posted anything on this subject in a while.
What I can report is that I continued using Soluto up until mid-December 2010, at which point my Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop died. It was quite a good laptop, with good keyboard ergonomics, and had an Intel Centrino Duo CPU, WinXP and 3GB of RAM. It actually had been on the blink for a couple of months - the keyboard processor seemed to be intermittently failing - but I think I might have finished the whole thing off by accidentally shorting the battery terminals when I was checking them with a voltmeter.   :'(

Anyway, I managed to get hold of an HP ENVY 14-1112TX laptop at about 50% discount.
It has an Intel i7 CPU, Win7 (64-bit) and 4GB of RAM. This is a superb laptop - it would be a good games machine too as it has a very good/fast GPU (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650) and a beautifully clear display. (URU/Myst Online looks good on it.) The keyboard ergonomics and the narrower screen are different to my Toshiba and I have had to get used to them. It scores 5.9 on the "Windows Experience Index". Overall, this laptop comes highly recommended by me.        :Thmbsup:

I decided to not install Soluto initially, as I didn't want to put anything into the mix that might cloud my learning/understanding of the new laptop and new OS. I have now got a handle on things and I don't think Soluto would be of much benefit to me right now. The new laptop is blazingly fast on startup and very stable, so I run it either switched on, or in standby (in RAM) for many days at a time, with only the occasional reboot following an update or new program installation that might necessitate a reboot. Though there are a lot of small ancillary (mostly non-essential) processes running from startup - e.g., including HP 3D Drive Guard (an accelerometer), Hard Drive Sentinel, and some convenient utilities - I don't perceive any problems with boot-up times as I had done with my Toshiba. Incidentally, I used to keep the Toshiba on, or in standby most of the time too, with infrequent reboots.

Win7 lets you know when it has problematic processes - e.g., unresponsive or slow processes, or processes that won't unhook on shutdown. I might try Soluto on this new configuration some time later this year, purely out of interest. If I do, I will post the results here.

-thanks for the update, IanB

I don't think Soluto has any long-lasting future! As far as I can (not) see it can only be of interest if the machine has very little memory and/or many programs in Start.


I posted this under their "Report a problem" in Soluto Support CommunityAre you going to create a totally better way to update Soluto, please? On my Vista it is necessary to do everything from scratch; I must click each and every program just like the first time I installed Soluto Beta! [hint] I have many programs, that is why I use Soluto... [/hint]-Curt
--- End quote ---
-Curt (March 30, 2011, 04:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

Their answer was to the point:

If you are running Soluto without any problems, you do not need to update every time. We will update the community forum when there are major changes.
--- End quote ---

Soluto has been updated..., so now I know that my many extensions for Firefox is slowing down my web browser! Wow, all this time I was installing this and that extension, without noticing that Firefox lost speed accordingly! Oh, I am so happy for the new Soluto telling me that I can gain more browser speed by removing some extensions, and even offering to do it for me! Happy me.

I have a key for Startup Delayer 3 Premium - now seems a good time to test it.

AWFUL! You had the perfect opportunity to make The Best startup manager ever - Soluto Beta was terrific - and then you make THIS?! Do you really think it is important for a startup manager to tell that I can gain more browser speed by removing some extensions? Do you take me for a complete ignorant? -even an ignorant who cannot figure out how to remove extensions that I have myself installed?

The crash predictor would be more trustworthy if I had the program it was warning me about installed. Yes, that program crashed, that was why I removed it. I don't need Soluto to warn me two weeks later about a program I don't have.

Soluto Beta was terrific; you were close to making The Best startup manager ever! But I got so disappointed with these two new features, that I now have removed Soluto.
-Curt, disappointed ex-user of Soluto
--- End quote ---

So, does Soluto work good or not.
Or just another startup program to add to a long list?

By the way, I found MP4 downloader.
Works better then DownloadHelper.
If you want to try it.
Don't know the memory load it takes on FF.


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