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SOLVED: toddlertrap win 7


i can't get it to work,it worked on my winXP sp2 machine.
in win7 i get an error and it won't run.
too many toddlers atm,can't screengrab.
anyone got it working on 7?


here's the error message.

Hmm... the script version (ahk) is OK. The compiled is broken. I guess Skrommel will fix this soon. In the meantime use the compiled version attached to this post.

FWIW, I'm very fond of "KidKeyLock". With all other "toodler traps/keyboard cleaners" my son somehow managed to type a key or something, but never with KidKeyLock.

yes,that worked.
thanks a lot!:)
i always move the box to the edge so that no-one can see the close box.
that's always foxed my little-uns.(my wife too,hehe)

i'll have a look at Kid-Key-Lock too,thanks for the tip,i hadn't seen that one before.


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