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Which app stays open on your desktop all day?

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does ai roboform live in the tray? i am one of those ai roboform lovers also. but its not in my tray.  maybe its an option.

there was a time when i used to try to keep my system tray empty, to maximize pc performance.
but then i thought WTF am i paying for this fast cpu for and wasting all my time idleing, i rather have a tray full of fun stuff :)

PowerPro & Xplorer2 on the desk (and sometimes JS Pager); WinRoll and H+BEDV Antivir in the tray. Add Outlook when I'm at work (wish I could use Thunderbird). When I am using BBLean as shell, I don't need PowerPro Winroll or JS Pager.

home & work: V (, truelaunchbar, the bat!, nod32
at work: perl (always running something), editplus, agent
at home:avant browser, admuncher, counterspy, newsleecher, ai roboform

I use V where Directory Opus seems to be a favorite here. It's the first install on any PC I use. Fast and light and I imagine it would appeal to anyone who has to code and work with ASCII/EBCDIC text files.
I use the bat because it used to be a great program but nothing beats it's filters even now. Though the new (filter) interface is too abstract for me. I've spent a lot of money upgrading from 1 to 2 to 3 and I really dislike the price gouging (my opinion).
Editplus, my best text editor ever. I can't stand ultraedit; Ugly as sin.
nod32 lives by it's reputation. I also have trend pccillin and mcafee suites on different laptops.

I use beyond compare at work quite often too, along with sqlyog, ems sqlmanager, dreamweaver.

love the avatar:)

i'm a roboform fan too.. we're going to have to do a review on such tools soon.

JP, have you ever met an app that was as customizable as EditPlus? Great program. Just wish it had more power!


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