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DONE: Upload tool for Jotti Virus/Malware Scan similar to VirusTotal's Uploader


I guess the subject title pretty much sums it up, not sure if it would be okay with though...

Basically the same (context menu selection, drop on programme exe or shortcut).

One thing I dislike about VirusTotal's Uploader 2.0 is having to close the upload dialogue box (I think it should close itself or have an option to do so).

I know nothing about coding so I don't know if it's a snack or a meal  :P

Regards - Damian

If automatically clicking the close button on a dialog box is all you need, there are various tools to deal with it, e.g. ClickOff (freeware) and PTFB Pro.  The latter is payware, but you can find the last free version on's Page 29.  If you're using a user account with UAC On, you may not get all features in the free ones, but PTFB Pro certainly works.  Other programs can do this too, e.g. PowerPro - PowerPro is free, but it's a whole way of life - or (I think) Macro Express which is an excellent payware macro program.

 :huh: nope, that's not what the idea is about.

    IDEA: Upload tool for Jotti Virus/Malware Scan similar to VirusTotal's Uploader

It sounded to me like you were using VirusTotal's Uploader, and closing the dialog box was an annoyance you wanted to avoid.

Since lanux128 pointed out this coding snack request to me, I figured I'd post here to inform you that we had the same idea independently. Except I have time to spare and a bit of coding knowledge. :)

NANY 2011 entry JottiQ will be released in the upcoming days for its first beta (or so I hope) and in the worst case be finally out in the open at the actual new year. :)


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