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Winamp Advanced Control

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Here is a really useful Winamp plugin which I always use

hope you like it  :Thmbsup:

looks nice, i'll try it.

I've used a plugin for Winamp global hotkeys since 2.x, now it's built in. winkey + z, x, c, or v for next, play/pause, stop, and restore/hide winamp. Works much better for me than any graphical plugin for the same I've tried, though the song display feature might be useful.

I made my own winamp-remote-control, using autohotkey, recurring to mouse buttons (oh, i love 5-button mouses... :D), and i also have keyboard hotkeys, so also don't have need for a plugin like that. But still, i like the fact that it has skins (i don't think I've ever seen one like that that also could be skinned)
For those who need this kind of plugin, this is a nice one!  :Thmbsup:

I'm using Winamp Advanced Control too, although I mostly use Winamp's global hotkeys to control it. But it's nice to have Winamp's volume always visible in the tray, and you also see the status.

In combination with this plugin I suggest the great Toaster plugin for Winamp:

You'll see it pop up every time a new track is played (works for online radio streams too). You can set it to display a Toast with the volume being shown whenever you change the volume, very handy IMHO and works great together with IdleMute!

Here are a few alternatives of how it COULD look:


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