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align specific text in MS Office

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in MS Office 2003, I want some specific text to appear a bit more at the right that the other regular text

for example in the screenshot below, I want for all the highlighted text only, the text to be aligned at more right that the other text

how can I do it?


You need to increase the left indent of the paragraph - look here...

One way (the only easy way I can think of at the moment) -

I'm assuming your example is all one paragraph. 

Make it three paragraphs, the selected portion to be the middle one.  Then you can indent that paragraph as you see fit.  You'll have to play with the right paragraph indent if your text flows to an extra line in an undesireable way.

Make the SpaceBefore and SpaceAfter for the middle paragraph zero; the space after the first paragraph and the space before the third paragraph also have to be zero in order to maintain the appearance of single spacing.

If you have to do this often (break out a paragraph in the middle of a bigger paragraph and indent it), write a macro. 

the highlighted text (that I want to set its margin at more right) is not a paragraph, it is not between newline marks, but between spaces

the problem is that I cannot make the selected text to be a seperate paragraph

I show another example:

I need the text after 'ultrices', 'Vestibulum', and 'feugiat' (at the begining of the last three lines) to be aligned more right, just below 'Aliquam'

I cannot put a newline mark before 'Aliquam', because I wanted to be right after 'orci.' and not below it

can it be done?

Turn on ShowFormattingMarks so you can see the endPara mark.

Here's what it should look like.  Notice the endPara mark I inserted after "dapibus", I just hit the enter key.
(Btw, if all your lines end in an endPara mark, you'll have to take a different approach, or remove them and do it like this.)

Oops, should have moved the right indent a shade out so "felis" didn't jump to the next line.


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