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Shortcut Creator

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Also, not quite what was requested, but FWIW, here's what I have locally:
-ewemoa (June 01, 2010, 06:38 PM)
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What shell extension is that providing all those neatly categorized context menu items?
-daddydave (June 03, 2010, 05:12 PM)
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It's not a shell extension :)  It's a little utility in AHK_L for consolidating certain types of AHK_L functionality into one place.

I added some bits to skwire's code:

SHA1: ba06fbfa0cb8a789dafbbda8e57889639738cd67

The zip file should contain an executable and a sample ini file (which should get copied by invoking the executable if there isn't already an ini file with the name "CreateShortcutsIn.ini" in the same directory as the executable).

--- ---[Settings]
3=C:\Documents and Settings

The Hotkey setting should be something that the AHK Hotkey command can understand.  In the example here, it is set to "Ctrl Shift C".

The numbered entries indicate possible destinations to copy to.

The Total setting is the total number of numbered entries.  It is set to 3 here, but if one were to set it to 2, then it should ignore any numbered entries with numbers larger than 2.  Please make entries counting from (and including) 1 in increments of +1.  It is unlikely the code will behave otherwise.

Shortcut Creator

Note: If I understand correctly, any existing shortcuts will be overwritten.

I failed to include credits in the zip file (perhaps for a future version?).  Here is the draft of the CREDITS.txt file -- comments welcome:

Thanks to folks mentioned below (sorry if I missed someone):

Idea based on post by Contro at

Code based on skwire's post at

skwire's code mentioned by jdd at

Code written in AHK by Chris Mallett

Icon based on one from
  Mark James Silk Icons

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Well done, ewemoa, nice work.   :D

I am going ewemoa

Best Regards

In my case I adapted the ini file for my peculiar locations. My main system is on M:
I used environmental variables

c:   ---- %SYSTEMDRIVE%



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