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Screenshot Captor Splice Tool

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just a reminder, SC will let you drag and drop images into and out of it's thumbnail panel.

and i think you can pass a filename on commandline when calling SC to have it switch to that image file's directory and load that image -- so that does what you asked for veign, i think.

also, dont forget to use the Save+ button, to save the image with an incremented filename -- useful for preserving originals.
-mouser (June 01, 2010, 05:31 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yeah, yeah... :P

I always forget about that.  That is why I do it the way I do. :-[

Great feature  :Thmbsup:

I do this often with msPaint: cut out an region, cut out one part of the two remaining parts and paste it again to fit to the other part.

Since you add such an nice feature i will use this now instead.

But as i see, the positions of the prior inserted objects (box, arrow) are not recalculated and moved with the background...
>> improvement idea... or just remember to insert the objects after the splicing?  :P

a very useful and much awaited feature.. :Thmbsup:

Possible icon ?

that's a really, really cool feature. adobe will be coming for that when they see it - seriously, you need to patent it if it's unique. adobe love sticking features into Photoshop that they've seen elsewhere - and paying for it.


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