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Simple solution: Put a Splice icon in the toolbars (on the side with the others) that has default smart behavior that splices depending on selected area's dimensions. Then put Splice Horizontally and Splice Vertically in the SpecialFX dropdown menu for those rare times when you need to splice a large section from a narrow or short image.

Looks nice  :Thmbsup:

I didn't see a hotkey listed on the menu item during the screencast -- is there a hidden one or an option to configure one?

you people and your hotkey shortcuts!

Great little feature.  

Why don't you release that as a standalone application?  I would use it just for that.  Basically let me open an image, perform splices and then resave out.
-Veign (June 01, 2010, 01:51 PM)
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You already can, I do stuff like this all the time with SC.  You just move the pic to the screenshot folder (or open SC and navigate your screenshot folder to where the file is), and then edit it.  That said, it also explains why I requested an Open file option that I think Mouser probably just forgot to add... ;)

just a reminder, SC will let you drag and drop images into and out of it's thumbnail panel.

and i think you can pass a filename on commandline when calling SC to have it switch to that image file's directory and load that image -- so that does what you asked for veign, i think.

also, dont forget to use the Save+ button, to save the image with an incremented filename -- useful for preserving originals.


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