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Screenshot Captor Splice Tool

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@mouser: Thanks. That is a rather nifty addition to my fav screen capture tool.     :up:

Ok this was way, way too cool. I write tech docs on occasion, and typically the shots contain distracting cruft.

Not any more!!!  :eusa_dance:

 :-* --> Donated!

Also, the "External Tools" combined with ImageMagick allows for some really powerful editing options / workflow. ImageMagick is pretty much a kitchen sink of image processing, so most anything you need not already native to SSC can be easily dropped in!


makes me very happy to see when people like a new feature  :-*

and thank you for your donation support -- it makes it possible for me to keep updating the software.  :Thmbsup:

New splice effects coming soon :)

New Splice effect teaser:

Now when you have to splice out something you should be able to at least make it look nice :)

These edge effects will work at the edge too of course, if you just need to crop:


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