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Google Ditches Windows on Security Concerns

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Windows Live is better then Google anything anyway, imo.
The Mail, Photo and even Messenger.

I really like Live Mail, it loads fast and can be easily set to default mail handler for everything, better then the Google Apps.

Considering the attack in China was made possible by a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, one wonders why you have to throw the baby out with the bath water despite you have your own browser, and development of Firefox and the desktop version of Opera rely on Google's financial support, at least try to eat your own dogfood for a while. Besides, switching to Mac or Linux doesn't solve the fundamental problems that allowed the attack to be successful, nor will rule out the possibility of another targeted threat that takes advantage of the 'superior security' offered by OS X.

There are other question as well. Why do you recommend your people to use the OS developed by your brand-new biggest enemy, down there in Cupertino? Why, despite having some of best and brightest engineers and system administrators in the world, you chicken out at the first sign of problems in the horizon? How do you intend to continue to develop Windows-based software without Windows? A virtual machine is not the solution.

I don't know guys, but without an official confirmation from Google, this 'Google ditching Windows' report seems bunk to me. Unless we're talking about ditching Windows for personal use and regular employees, not developers, which would make more sense.

A good spot for this article from gHacks I think.

This may have something to do with the rumor mill or facts.

Would like to see a google person of some authority post here, since they are always talking or loosing something.

But the Chinese hacks were a different breed altogether, they weren't directed at Windows OS, they were directed at Goggle the company. The only way to protect yourself from such a thing is the use the most secure OS, switching to any other is little more than security through obscurity.-Eóin (June 01, 2010, 10:07 AM)
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As soon as über-targeted social exploits are being performed, "the most secure OS" doesn't really help you that much. Most have at least local privilege escalation exploits, and considering that (afaik) IE6-specific vulnerabilities were used, one would have to assume the attackers had a pretty darn good idea about the target systems...


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