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Just uninstalled FARR!

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yep, you read that right. It's gone. Wiped it off of my HD. All my plugins too! No more Win+Alt+Space (yes, that's what I had assigned it to). I actually went as far as 'secure deleting' the donationcoder directory!

But don't worry, I'll install it again when I start working on my new job next week ;)

WOAH! You got me schocked! :)

It's now your turn to pay the next package of heart pills for me. :)

Congratz and wish you all the best for your new Job. Hope you enjoy the new tasks and get rich and happy from it.


Congratulations on the new job  :Thmbsup:

I start working on my new job next week-phitsc
--- End quote ---
Congratulations! I'm sure you'll go farr.

Thanks guys! Kind of strange to hear this from people I 'know' only from their nick names ;). Nevertheless, it kind of feels good :)


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