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Unicode Image Maker: Some Questions

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Hi Mouser,

To follow up on my previous message before dinner......

I was able to drag and drop the current text into Paint Shop Pro and Microsoft Word by clicking on the Drag BMP button.  That works nicely.  If there was a button, that allowed dragging jpg, then this most likely would solve that issue.  Just curious, doing that, how would one chose the jpg compression value.  Suggest having a drop down menu item to set the compression that stays at that value when restarting the program.  So once set, one can forget it if they so choose.  I personally use no compression.

Having the ability to use to set the canvas size would be really good.  Even though one could set the size and it is saved, it would be easy to resize the window accidently and then things would be hosed up.

Glad to hear your granddad was a ham radio operator.  Do you happen to remember what his call was?  You do know that Morse code is no longer a requirement for any license in the US.  The tests are all multiple choice with all pool questions answers and the wrong answers published.  It is now basically a give away.  I have been licensed since 1976 when I still needed the 20 word per minute code.  UGH.

Thanks for helping,


i might just use no compression for the jpg, and allow you to set in options whether drag file will drag a .png, .bmp, or .jpg file.

here's a little write up that concerns my grandfather (Frank Matejka) as a ham radio operator in Texas in 1921:

The situation at Texas University was relatively simple; and with the exception of more persons in the room and the addition of an audio amplifier and horn speaker, it could well have been the location of another radio amateur listener. The Gray brothers (now deceased), Clark and Endress manned the transmitter and receiver positions, copying the abbreviations sent from Kyle Field and on occasion, communicating with Saunders. Slips of paper with received abbreviations were passed over a long table to Matejka, who relayed the decoding over a horn speaker through an open window to the many interested University students who had gathered outside to keep up with the progress of the game.
--- End quote ---


Thanks for the intersting write-up about your grandfather.  The story was a very good read.  How these old-timers would be amazed at what communications and electronics is like today.  They would really be excited if they could play with the goodies we have today.  I never knew my grandfather, so I never got to talk to him about his efforts.  Did you know your grandfather?

My granddad was also a pioneer in early broadcasting.  He worked with Reginald Fesseden, the first person to do voice broadcasting.  He was Fesseden's chief engineer.  Google "Adam Stein, Jr Fesseden" to read some of their doings in 1906.  I even went up to Brant Rock, Mass in Dec 2006 for the 100 year anniversary and operated the at the special event ham radio station there.

Your suggestions for the drag and drop sound really good.  I think that would work fine.

I notice that in your program, the cursor is always at the middle point of the window.  Since I am looking for a fixed window size, it would be great if the cursor started at the top of the text window and then worked its way down the window as one types and hits return or whatever.  When the top line scrolls off the top, then it is clear that the canvas size has been exceeded, for the given font size and that the user needs to do something about it, if he wants to.  In my case, I would, even though the QSO-TV will scale whatever jpg file is drag and dropped into it.

I presume you are living in Texas.  I am in the northern Sheanadoah Valley in Virginia.  We drove through part of Texas last summer on our way to visit my wife's son in souther NM.

Thanks again,


options to change drag file format: done.
option to set exact text panel size: done.
option to set background bitmap image: done.

new version not uploaded yet but will go up tonight.


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