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Unicode Image Maker: Some Questions

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Fantastic!  This is just perfect.  Mouser, thanks for making the enhancements.  I really appreciate it.


i'm just glad someone finds the program useful  :P

A number of us are using it with the QSO-TV program I mentioned earlier.  It is just what was needed.

The fact that the text can be put in multiple colors, that the text is saved for editing with the pic file, the dragging to the QSO-TV, and the picture importing capability makes this program a real keeper!

Thanks again.

I'm new to the forum and have a question about Unicode image Maker. I used it before with Vista and don't recall any issyes, but am having problems using it with Win7.

Specifically, I've downloaded a bunch of dingbat type fonts and want to convert them to .png files. I want to use them as decorative elements in various programs, including Microsoft Publisher. I tried several, and got white images and black backgrounds. I want black images on transparent backgrounds. I couldn't find a setting that would make the background transparent. Can somebody help me with this?

Thank you,


unicode image maker can do transparent backgrounds and windows 7 should work fine.  one thing though is you have to save as a png file i think.
can you post some screenshots of what is happening and compare it to what you want to happen -- im not sure i completely understand what is going wrong.


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