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Unicode Image Maker: Some Questions

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Hi Mouser,

Fantastic.  Thanks for helping me out with this.  One question, must the background image be bmp?  Just curious.


any image should be usable.

let me know how the new version works:

Hi Mouser,

Thanks for the link.

Resizing works nicely.

Dragging and dropping worked fine.  However, something strange is happening when the image is pasted into the QSO-TV. The call letters of the operator are displayed (overlaid) on the image automatically by the QSO-TV program.  The call display in the lower right is correct, but the one in the upper left is just a black box along with half of the call shown incorrectly.  This appears to be a problem with non-standard window sizes.  I added the 444x333 size that I needed.

For the default sizes in the program, like 480x400, this is problem does not occur.  So for odd-sizes, something is glitching it.  See the attached pictures.

Suggest putting a check mark in the options when setting screen size just before the screen size so one can tell what the current setting is.

The background picture feature works great.  Nice feature!

Thanks Mouser.  Hopefully you can figure out the glitch.

im not sure i understand what the problem is regarding the sizes.. it sounds like it has nothing to do with unicode image maker, but with the other program.  if so then it's out of my control. or am i wrong?

Yours is a good question.  I would agree that the problem is with QSO-TV.  I tried other picture sizes (non-standard) and they all worked fine.  Instead of standard sizes in your program, I tried some others and they work.  So I refined my size selection and here are the results:

444x333 does not work
444x332 works
443x332 works
443x333 works

So it appears something is odd with the QSO-TV program.  I will send him a message about this.

So I guess other than a check mark next to the selected screen size, all is working nicely.

Really fantastic effort on your part.



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