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Unicode Image Maker: Some Questions

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I have been looking for a program like yours for a long time.  My use is to creat quick text images to be loaded into a ham radio (over internet) program called QSO-TV, which is part of the CQ100 VOIP program.

Your program will generally do what I need, but perhaps a few enhancements could be made.  I do like the fact that the text is saved within the jpg file.  This is fantastic!

What would be most helpful:

1. Is there a way to set the image size?  I would like to have a canvas size of 444 (horizontal) by 333 (vertical).  That is the size of the screen on the QSO-TV, but then that program won't have to adjust my text (jpg) so that the text ratios and sizes stay as created by your program.

2. A way within your program to drag from the screen window directly into QSO-TV.  I can drag the file over to the QSO-TV from the desktop, but that means I have to save it first.  A lot of times, saving isn't needed, just a quick message message to post visually to those I am talking to.  To do this, I suspect, there would have to be a way to actually have the jpg picture showing on your screen.

3. Does your program have the capability to put text on an existing jpg picture?

Anyway, thank you for having your program available.  I would appreciate any comments you might have to my questions/suggestions.

George Stein
Virginia USA

very good questions.

#2 should be possible by clicking and dragging fromt he area on the right hand side that says "Drag file".. though i think something may be making that work sporadically so i'll have to look into it a bit.

the other things aren't possible in the current version, but i think i could add them all quite easily.

Hi Mouser,
Thanks for the really quick reply to my questions.

I am using the latest version by the way.  On my computer, the Drag BMP and Drag File buttons appear depresses or anyway don't do anything.  I have displayed the picture in a paint program, but it won't drag and drop either.  The file shown on the desktop will drag and drop.

The program I was using is called TxtTic by    Once the image is shown on the screen, it can just dragged to the QSO-TV.  However, that program doesn't allow multi-color text, nor does it save the text like your fine program does.  That is why I really want to get your program working for my needs, if at all possible.

The QSO-TV does not have a right click paste nor does it accept ctrl-v paste.  That would have worked, since your program will copy the image to the clipboard.

Besides the above issue, being able to set the image size is the next important one.  The item 3 in my original message is only a nice to have.

Mouser, if you are able to try something on the drag and drop, I can try it out on the QSO-TV.  Unless you are a ham radio operator, you cannot get access to the QSO-TV program.  [email protected] is the owner of QSO TV and might be able to work with you for test purposes, but I have no idea if he can.  Bottom line, I am here to assist is I can be of any use.

I have attached a pic of the QSO-TV.

Again, thanks so much for the offer to help.


we have a couple of ham radio operators on the forum (my grandfather was a big ham radio operator), so it's always nice to see another stop by.

setting image size explicitly is very easy to add, but if you're always wanting the same size you should be able to do what you want with a little trial and error.  that's because the image size will be exactly the size of the text panel in the program window, and it should be remembered between runs.  so with a little experimentation you should be able to get it exactly the size you want.  but i don't mind adding an easy function for that.

now about your other program not accepting drag and drop of the file from unicode image maker.. that is strange because dragging from the "Drag File" area should behave exactly as dragging a file from your desktop..  perhaps the problem is the file format? when you save it to your desktop do you use the .png file type or a different file type?  if you are using a dif file format for dragging from the deskop, try saving a png to desktop and dragging that.  if the problem is simply that your destination wont accept png files i could add an option to have it use a different file format when dragging.

also let's make sure you are using that "Drag File" correctly before we conclude it's not working.  The way you use it is you press down on the left mouse while the cursor is over "Drag File" and don't let go -- just drag from there while the left mouse is still held down, and bring it to your target program, then let go.  Like i said on my testing i seem to be getting a black image sometimes (if i resize the unicode image maker window before using Drag File it seems to work), and i'll fix that -- but the main question is really whether your target program tries to accept the dragged file or not.

Hi Mouser,
I will more completely answer later, but wanted to pass on that QSO-TV only will display jpg pictures.

In your program, Drag File, to me, implies that there is already a file created.  I was hoping that there didn't need to be a file, just what is on the screen. 

When I do drag a shown on the desktop, for instance, into QSO-TV, I do get a different mouse pointer that indicates that a file is being dragged and dropped.  I don't see that with Unicode.

Will write later on after supper, which I need to go start.  LOL



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