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Do you know a free HTML editor with real time preview in adjacent pane?

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And I want a primarily HTML code program with a live preview pane
-HankFriedman (May 24, 2010, 04:42 PM)
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-sorry; I thought too little of this at first  because i didn't understand/look up 'adjacent'.

What you want is a cup of coffee... or more precisely a CoffeeCup The HTML Editor 2010

But no free meal, not even free coffee!

Even the most hardcore programmer can’t look at a page of code and instantly tell how it’s going to look in a Web browser. That’s why the HTML Editor gives you three different preview options:

1) Want to see your page in a browser? You can do that — in fact, you can open up to 10 different browsers from inside the HTML Editor.

2) Don’t want to open a whole new window? We hear that. That’s why we built a browser right in the program — all you have to do is switch to a different workspace view.

3) And for the user who wants even more convenience, we have the Split-Screen Preview. It’s your Webpage, in a built-in browser, right below your code. It couldn’t be handier.
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edited for price-tag and screenshot


Thank you for the suggestion. the CoffeeCup program is definitely closer to what I'm looking for -- but not free :-(

and I prefer side-by-side viewing but more importantly, I studied the Help section and couldn't see any way to change the display font and it's WAY too tiny as is.

I found HTMLPad, which is pretty close to my ideal (and even less expensive than CoffeeCup) with lots of features, and I'm still very open to suggestions.

thank you all for your help with this.

i haven't tried them before but these seems to have what you're looking for:

1st Page 2000

1st Page 2006

Dear Lanux128,

I've been evaluating your recommendation and it is really quite good.

But like a lot of HTML editors, it places a thin vertical line for the margin and I can't seem to remove it.

I will call the company and see if they can address this question.

(Ironically, I went to their forum and I had asked that question of the forum back in July of last year, with no response.)

yes, it doesn't seem to be an actively developed program. i remember that there was another GUI-based editor called Amaya, i wonder if it has such a feature? btw, i code my HTMLs in either PSPad or Notetab Light. :)


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