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Do you know a free HTML editor with real time preview in adjacent pane?

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Beerwin has a pop up preview, like many HTML editors, but not an auto-refreshing side pane that syncs with the code lines.

thanks, tho'

Perhaps try Free Beginners HTML Editor. Never used it personally so I can't comment on the auto-refresh.

The Free Beginners HTML program has a preview in a separate tab, not viewable simultaneously with the HTML code display

surely you must already have tested *today's* giveaway:

This website editor is entirely in WYSIWYG mode, meaning 'what you see is what you get'. Therefore, there is no complicated coding required and anyone will now be able to design a website for themselves even with just a basic knowledge of computing. The website project is also stored on your computer in a single file.
--- End quote ---

edited: The program is written by Enplase Research, author of well respected registry and back up tools, etcetera.

Yes, that's what got me stirred up again about trying to find an HTML code editor with live preview, which, of course, Ultima is NOT

As their website says: This website editor is entirely in WYSIWYG mode

And I want a primarily HTML code program with a live preview pane


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