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Do you know a free HTML editor with real time preview in adjacent pane?

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CoffeeCup free doesn't show a preview at the same time as the code    :(-HankFriedman (May 25, 2010, 12:26 PM)
--- End quote ---
Yes it does, see my picture (click on it)... it is not faked  :P
Try pressing the F12-key in CoffeeCup.

Dear AbteriX,

Yup! You're right. I was rushed and didn't see that option.

I wish the two would sync (so that when I scrolled down in the code the display scrolled too) but this is a free program with amazing features.

Do you know how to make the font used to display the code any larger? I've been searching the menus but so far have come up blank.

I got it.

I went to Tools --> Document Display Properties --> Modify Highlighting (in the Customization tab) and there was the font and font size.

It looks like CoffeeCup is a real winner!

Thanks everyone.

good to see that you've found an editor that suits your needs. got to bookmark CoffeeCup myself. :up: btw, i didn't know about Trellian's bad reputation, i wonder why it got flagged at WOT.

Dear Lanux128,

I've actually been quite successful so far in my search.

The following programs show split screens with previews:

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer (FREE) -- Horizontal display AND both sync

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor -- Horizontal display (no sync)

HTML Pad (about $35) --Horizontal OR Vertical display (no sync)

Trellian WebPage (FREE) -- Horizontal (no sync)

EvrSoft First Page 2006 (FREE or Pay?) -- Horizontal with sync (but questions about support, registering, stability)

So the best ones, with sync that is, are:

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer (FREE)


EvrSoft First Page 2006 (FREE or Pay?)

and the only one with my preferred Vertical split (but no sync so far)   :(


HTML Pad (about $35)

How about all that?


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