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DONE: Space + click on file reveals "Open With" list of programs

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i'd like to have immediate access to the "Open With" menu (found in the context menu) when opening a file - BUT, i don't want it to open every time i select a file as many times i'll just want the default associated program to open instead.

i'd like to be able to bring this "open with" menu up by just using the keyboard - maybe using a hotkey like "space + enter". AND, it would be useful to be also make the menu appear by using the mouse, so a combo of something like "Ctrl + Left button click" would be nice.

(the "Open With" menu is pretty basic - so, maybe it would be nice to add extra features.)

i know this has been done years ago because i used a program that did it. but, i can't remember the name of it (does anyone know it) and, i believe, i stopped using it because it didn't work perfectly. i also vaguely remember a autohotkey script doing it - possibly by a DC forum member (if so, i must have stopped using that also because it didn't work correctly).


FWIW . . . IDEA: Replacement for Windows 'Open With...' dialogue

You recommended:
quickassociation will do this and more. but it's not free. i bought it because i believe it to be the best for what it does. find it at,1895,1654639,00.asp
-nudone (May 09, 2007, 02:56 PM)
--- End quote ---

Another recommendation was Choice Editor - which never worked properly for me on XP, but seemed to work for (some) others
Lanux recommends another which hasnt been updated in a while...

XYPlorer has a super implementation of "open with: menu list of pre-selected programmes" but if you're not using XY it's not much good

Not what you asked for, but I wanted to make sure you are aware:

In Windows XP, Shift-Right-Click gives Open With... as an option. In Windows 7, a plain right click will do the same.

thanks both for the suggestions.

unfortunately neither methods are enough as i really want the "open with" feature to be an extra feature - and immediately accessible, i.e. no right clicking and then having to select something from a submenu.

Choice Editor would be okay, but it means associating to the extensions as the default program.

i know i'm being picky, but i'm sure this is do-able with autohotkey - i just haven't the ability to write the script myself.

i'm going to try using "Choice Editor" for a while (until the perfect solution comes along). anyone else wishing to try it will require "msvbvm50.dll" in their \windows\system directory.

From your response I take it that adding an extra item on the right button menu like "Edit with such and such" would not fill the bill either.


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