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Icons not on background after start up PC

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It may already been discussed: After I start up my laptio, the icons are not on the same place as the background. After unlocking the position, it works.


Win 7 32

Yours is a very rare case and not one experienced by the majority of users. I will look into this but in the mean time there are two possible workarounds:

(1) Unlock the Dock's Position, or,
(2) Have the Dock hidden on start up.


It still happen once more but not after that. I opted for (2). Thanks.

I have the same problem, where some of the icons are not on the ring, but elsewhere on the desktop when I first start up (using Windows 7; don't have dock position locked). Using the hotkey that I configured to make the dock appear (^ space) makes things align properly.

I happen again, the right moment to take a pic. The icons are still on the right place, it is the background that tried to escape.

I use locked position (which I want to keep using).


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