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How to have docked launchbar not take up entire edge?

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Lolipop Jones:
Yes, just confirmed that it does.  I toggled the "Do not stretch to full size" check box, and whether it is on or off, LBC does not remember its docked position if I exit the program while minimized to the system tray.

Where can I download a copy of the immediate preceding version 1.132?  Would like to check that this problem does not occur in that version and therefore it's not in my Windows setup, and I (facepalm) did not keep the earlier version before fully testing the new.

Lolipop Jones:

Tested on another machine running WinXP, and same problem.  Minimize LBC and then exit the program, it forgets that it's docked.

So I do not think it's my computer.


or portable version

Lolipop Jones:

Just a thought, when a new version goes up could you keep a link to the old version for a few weeks?

YAY!  I have been hoping for this. 

I run over/under multi-monitor and really needed dead areas, especially around all my extended titlebar icons on the right (Extend, Move to other monitor, minimize, float and close) where the launcher would stay hidden.

Thanks, Mouser, for making the launcher even better. :)


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