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How to have docked launchbar not take up entire edge?

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those are good points.. let me think about it.

I would also find this behaviour useful. At the moment, I use a PowerPro docked icon bar, which takes up about 1/4 of the top edge of my screen, and it auto-hides so that it only pops up when I bump that part of the screen. With a full-width "standard" docked bar like LBC uses, it pops up whenever I bump anywhere on the top of the screen.

I guess it's mostly "just what I'm used to", but to be honest I prefer the PowerPro form...

solar wind:
Any news about this feature request?  Been a year since Mouser replied...
I know most people don't care if the dock is taking the entire edge of the screen, especially in autohide. 
But some of us may have several (more or less) dock-able tools fighting for one edge of the screen, and while there is the Coral tool to reserve space on screen, it's not exactly the same thing.

Currently this is my desktop, and i want to get rid of them multiple launchers and get it all centralized in LBC, i'm only looking for this feature now...

I'd also like this feature implemented in LBC. I only have four items on the dock, so it's slightly eyesore-ish that it spans the entire edge.

I just figured out I can implement this -- bars that don't take up full edge width/height.  I'll be adding it as an option in next release.


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