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How to have docked launchbar not take up entire edge?

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New beta is up with the ability to configure docks to not be full size, please give it a try and let me know what you think:

Hope you like it!

Here's the option you want:


This feature is most useful when you have your bar set to AutoHide/AutoSlide.  If you have your dock reserving space on the screen it's still going to reserve the full space.

One other comment -- you can "move" a non-full size bar to different locations along the edge of the screen, but you have to do so by resizing it at the edges. To automatically center such a bar, right click and choose the option to Center it.

Also remember that you are free to resize the other dimension of the "bar" to make it multiple rows/columns, and create a square-shaped dock.


For visual aesthetics you may want to create some extra space at the top and bottom of your dock bar; i'll probably add an option for this at some point but until then you can create your own "spacers" at the start and end of the dock like so:

I've pushed the latest beta to an official release.

Anyone using a non-full size bar yet?


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