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Vista Downloads


I have tried searching on HP's website, Microsoft's website, and then again here to see if I could find a reputable download for Vista.  So far, I have failed.  I tried then on Google and Bing, and keep getting directed to the Windows 7 download site and a bunch that I don't know about their reputation and am not willing to try since it is for a client's computer.

For reference, the reason I am looking for this is I have a "client" that has an HP laptop they bought with Vista Home Premium 32 on it.  The hard drive crashed and I can't seem to get to the recovery partition to copy out files to install on a new hard drive.  Of course the user never followed the HP suggestion for making a recovery disk, so I am so far out of luck.  What I am looking for is a simple ISO or similar download of Vista.  I have the license, just not the bits.  I can get a recovery disk from HP if needed, but I thought I would ask here first as it will take several days before I get their disk.  Unfortunately, I don't have my technet plus subscription anymore, so that isn't an option either.

Any ideas or suggestions?


A friend had the exact problem. I ended up installing Ubuntu so she could get started.

However, the solution is to get a restore disk from HP. It costs $30 AUD, so maybe $20 USD. They'll ship it. She got it in 2 days.

You can then restore the original OS and configuration for the laptop. You need to provide HP with the model though.


Yeah, thanks.  I already found out how - it works to $16 to be exact.  They priced it at 5-7 business days, though I could pay another $12 (I think) for 2 day shipping.  I was just hoping to get it sooner by downloading the bits tonight.  Guess I will be putting in the order and finishing next week.



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