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GPS Unit Recommendations?

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i heard that you can install GPS app in nook. have to see if it's possible for kindle

OK!  Her we go!
There's an app called Mapdroyd:
This can be installed on an OFFLINE Android device by downloading some files on your computer and transferring to the android device.  This means, obviously, no data plan necessary.  Yes!
OK, now what map software can it use?  Well, it can use OpenStreetMap, and if you pay for it, you can also use whatever Navteq and Tele Atlas are, which sounds like they are the maps used in Garmins and stuff.
Now, I need to find an android device with like a 7" screen.

Er, and GPS hardware included? Or do you just want to use the maps as reference?

- Oshyan

OK, how about this?
A Samsung Galaxy Tab (samsung's ipad competitor), which runs Android.  I'll get it without a data plan, put mapdroyd on it with some OSM maps, and I think that could make a kick-ass gps unit.  No?

Yeah, that ought to work. It's a bit big (but not for a tablet), and more expensive than a moderately priced GPS (no contract price $600), but then you can do a whole lot more with it too. All the sales I'm seeing, besides the "international version" on Amazon (more expensive), are tied to a carrier though, even without contract. So I'm not sure if you'd need to sign up "with" a carrier then just not continue service, or what. I haven't looked into it much though. Just make sure you get the 16GB version instead of the 2GB. You'll need the storage space for maps!

- Oshyan


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