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GPS Unit Recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend a GOOD GPS unit?

Before you do, I just blogged a review of my current unit after using it for 3 months - TomTom XXL 540S - so that's the background for the recommendation.

I am open to just about any options, with the only important thing being that I can use it in Australia.

I value recommendations from experience most. I can read specs, but at the end of the day, specs are pretty meaningless.

I suppose my top priorities would be that I can finger-drag maps on-screen to preview my route and that the unit render data quickly.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Perry Mowbray:
I have two:

* An older Magellan unit that the kids bought me, and
* A new Garmin
The Garmin is great, though more of a bush walking tool, although I did get the streets loaded as well so can use in car (but in-car is secondary for me); and I think the unit has been kept as small as possible so that it's not a drama when you're out and about.

But I'm guessing that you're wanting an in-car GPS?

Yes. I want one for the car. The TomTom is just garbage. It's simply unreliable and dangerous to use.

I have always heard Magellan's were some of the best if that helps.  I have used a Garmin (Nuvi I think, it was my sister's device) and it was usable, though not particularly accurate.  It was close, but sometimes a turn would be as far as a couple hundred feet away (maybe 100 meters at most, whatever - for this purpose it didn't really matter).  That becomes a problem in places like Pennsylvania where that distance may be around the next bend and you can't see it until you pass it - but then the machine already said you did, so which is it?  Note: this was a rare case, usually it was off within visual distances, but it was still off by what I thought was a lot.

My wife wants me to buy one for her, so I am interested in what others suggest as well.

As far as Australian Maps, I wouldn't know.

Yes. I want one for the car. The TomTom is just garbage. It's simply unreliable and dangerous to use.
-Renegade (May 20, 2010, 10:16 AM)
--- End quote ---

Why do you say that?  I'm just curious... we've had a garmin and now a tomtom, and my wife has had no problem with either.

UPDATE: Never mind.  I read the review (duh).  But, like I said, my wife loves her new TomTom.


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