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Anyone think this is more than a little dodgy?  Especially if you look at the demo video, and get to the gaming part...


I used to use it at school a while back and it worked fine.
(didn't use it for games, but did use it for stuff like graphics programs, office suites et al)

I agree that the gaming part is a bit misleading. The video states that "You could play the game on any computer with full performance". That is impossible since there are many systems that can't run Crysis or any of the other games that the video mentioned at all. Obviously that wasn't the intention, but that is definitely how many people are going to take it.  :down:

I'm going to test it. I've got a 16-bit game designed for Windows 95 that doesn't work on my 64-bit OS. Let's see if MojoPac fixes that if I install the game onto it from a 32-bit OS which does run the game.

Well MojoPac apparently only works on Windows XP (32-bit). So yeah. It's a no go.

Also, I found another MojoPac thread here on DC from 4 years (!) ago: MojoPac - Potentially Great Software with Serious Flaws.

I'd say it hasn't made much progress in the past four years. It's still potentially great software, but has serious flaws, such as it not working on a modern OS.


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