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FARR version 2 - discuss the best way to handle 'actions'

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I think that the matter that we need to discuss here, is more around the funcionalities that Farr will have, so as we can perfect the ui to use them.
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i think this is a very good point.

let me try to work up a little document about the plans for farr2 (aka "Mercury Runner") keeping in mind nontroppo's idea of intrgrating it with launch bar functionality and my new configuration system.

i will try to have that ready by next monday (in 7 days).  hopefully that will lay out a good foundation for us to work with.  meanwhile people can try to think about the kinds of things they'd like to be able to type and have understood properly.

let me try to work up a little document about the plans for Farr2 (aka "Mercury Runner")-mouser (February 06, 2006, 02:52 PM)
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Good to know that! ( i had already forgotten about farr's new name ;) )
I think that until then, this thread could become the "actions requests" thread, right?
Might help in creating new ideas and redefining concepts, possibly eliminating some of the problems that we had until now.
I'll try to search through this thread, collect some actions ideas, try to redefine them, (especially into the action-file structure, to simplify), and try to have some ideas about what Farr (aka MR) could do. I'll try to post this tomorrow, but probably, i can only have this by the day after tomorrow.
(exam tomorrow.. :( )

There are some interesting new ideas in this thread. jgpaiva (#64) already replied to most of them exactly as I wanted to before reading hist post (the SPACE problem; scoring for the task switching to give running instances a lower or higher score; being against two edit fields; not requiring aliases to begin with a special character). :D

Although I'm going to partly repeat myself and jgpaiva, here's what is important for me.
1. When using FARR, I want to type down what I have on my mind. This implies:
- A single edit field. I don't want to have to take care of which field I must type in.
- No special command character, whether prefixed or appended.
- No predefined action (e.g. starting the line with 'open ') that I have to delete first.
2. Multiple verbs should be possible - they would match the submenu grouping of the launch bar features (like 'mp3 enqueue').
3. Multiple params may be useful. Their order should be fixed (e.g. param1 always comes before param2), but the command verb should be allowed to change positions with the first param (e.g. 'cmd param1 param2 param3' should equal to 'param1 cmd param2 param3'). Note that the verbs and params should still be separated by a special key like TAB / ENTER / #, I'm just using spaces here for readability.

I agree that having a default command like 'open ' pretyped in the edit field would help new users to understand they can also enter commands instead of filenames. This wouldn't interfere with my personal requirements above (which are just the way I personally would love to see FARR) if the 'open ' default text would be preselected so I would overwrite it anyway. This wouldn't have any advantage when parsing the command line, but it would help new users. -> Even better: In Windows XP and above you can have edit fields display a grayed text that is automatically deleted when... oh well, when the edit field gains focus. Forget it. :D

Making it possible to switch between double editbox mode (the default setting for beginners) and single box mode ('classical') would be perfect. :up:

Maybe we could start to collect commands we would like to have (although of course they could all be implemented by launching external applications, some of them should be included in FARR and the list of commands might reveal parsing problems that have to be considered by mouser when designing / defining the concepts).
- copy <file> {copies a file reference to clipboard so you can paste it in Windows Explorer, creating a copy of the file)
- cut <file> {copies a file reference to clipboard so you can paste it in Windows Explorer, moving the file)
- kill <task> {kills the task - should list both window titles and executable/module file names}
//edit: Ah, while I was still typing, jgpaiva had the idea of collecting actions, too. Good luck for your exam!

Sheesh, I go away for a few days and you guys write a books worth of ideas! Stop being so damn productive! ;)

So we are hovering around a stack system / double edit box. Quicksilver is similar, except it doesn't show an edit box, but it does visually stack as object <> action <> option.

Looking forward to a document (mouser, are you going to use the wiki?)

great idea to use the wiki, yes that is exactly what i will do.


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