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capture to text file?



I am looking for a clipboard program that can detext text over a certain number of bytes or words and then save it as a text file to a specific directory and optionally ask the user for a title or filename.

I want to do this so I can copy and paste various emails and web text to text files I can put in an activesync directory that my Pocketpc will auto pick up so I can read on the go.

Does CL:ipboard Help+Spell do this or can it?


this is a nice idea; clipboard help and spell doesnt do it
BUT its a nice request for a coding snack i think; ill bet skrommel could add it to his clipboard tool in no time.

i think your idea should be added to clipboard help and spell but in a fuller way that i will put on the todo list, the ability to specify a set of rules+actions for incoming text, that would let you say "when this amount of plaintext is captured, in these apps, do this.." where one operation would be saving to file named by user, etc.  i'll put that on the todo list BUT i highly recommend for your case you submit a request at coding snacks section as your likely to get a solution 100x faster.

Hey, this is kind of cool.  What about if you could append text too?  Using emails as an example, if you get an email from someone you could save to a text file called "BobHenry.txt" (rtf would be cool too!), then if you get another email you could append it with a custom spacer so you get one flat file.  Or you could keep a quote file, appending quotes as you get them.  Sounds like a good idea to me!


thanks mouser that would be awesome- also I never thought of the ability to quickly build up a database of sorts but that too would be a very powerful feature.

I will check out coding snacks too.. and I look forward to trying out your idea. thanks again


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