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Need recommended site for online data storage with ftp capability

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I have seen a few discussions on DC about online data backup.  However, I am interested to know if anyone has had any experience, good or bad, with any of the sites that permit data to be transferred by ftp.

My primary purpose is to store 10GB to 50GB of files that I can access while I am traveling.  (I already have external HD backup at home).  I am not real concerned about security but I do want it to be reliable.

Must haves:
- FTP capability to upload and download data
- Reliability of service
- Not super expensive

Not important:
- High quality syncing or sophisticated backup capabilities.  Just data storage.

Does anyone have experience with or


I don't think they have FTP only service, but I've been on JaguarPC web hosting for several years.  They run apache server and are very reliable:

The web hosting account claims to boost your disk quota as much as you need. As you park more storage supposedly it's automatically increased. I haven't tested it out since my web content is less than 100 MB. My experience with them has been that they are very responsive to problems.  Also there are user forums hosted by them where you can get tips from other users etc..

You can contact them but I believe to get FTP you'd have to get a web hosting account and a domain name.  The longer the contract the cheaper per month but no commitment monthly is about $10 or $11 a month.  I just upload and download using FileZilla.  If you google .htaccess you can see how to keep outsiders from downloading particular types of files and limit access to the public web stuff(or you could just have one dummy index.html page I suppose,, but the .htaccess keeps people from getting indexes of folders.)

There are also raw storage accounts for less money with other providers but I have no idea how reliable they are.  Jaguar has been around for awhile.  Any outages I've noticed have only lasted a few hours and are unusual/infrequent.

edit: if you have to purchase a domain name you should be able to find one that allows anyone to host it for about $10 a year.

Thanks.  I only need raw storage but if it comes with web-hosting or other stuff that's fine.  BTW, I'm not looking for ftp-only, just something that is ftp capable.  I will check them out.

Microsoft will give you a free 25GB Skydrive account. All you need is a free hotmail/live account to get it. If you need more space you can always just open a second account.

No raw FTP I'm afraid...but it's extremely reliable; has some nice file management and sharing features; and integrates very well with MS Office.

Price is right - and Microsoft won't be disappearing anytime soon.

Luck! :Thmbsup:  

There are quite a few cheap options without FTP... Jungle Disk and ZumoDrive being two others.  I'm working on evaluating the differences between these options right now :) But I'm afraid that most of the cloud services seem to frown on FTP, though you get more storage for your use giving up that protocol, and most are available through a myriad of means.


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