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GridMove Lite Portable | Windows7/8 ready, combine w/ Aero Snap | XP/Vista Supp.

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Hey all,

maybe some Windows 7/8/8.1 users are interested in trying my custom "GridMove Lite Portable" version.

I made it primarily as a preconfigured lightweight "out of box solution" which can be combined perfectly with the Windows 7/8/8.1 built-in "Aero Snap".
It extends the built-in "Aero Snap" function seamlessly.
(Since v1.3.2 it works very well for XP and Vista too)

(Last update 2013-10-12):
Download GridMove Lite Portable v1.4.1
Link removed because offline


Feedback welcome!

new in v1.0-1.2
- new icon (@jgpaiva: feel free to use it in future versions if you like to)
- portable mode only: uses .ini-file only, does not read settings from windows users folder
- only 1 pre-configured self made grid for good usage combined with Windows 7 built in "AeroSnap" feature (grid supports dual monitor)
- pre-configured settings for Windows 7 (SafeMode, EdgeDrag @ Edge Time 250, most extra stuff disabled)
- removed most of the menus
- removed right-click-hotkey which changed the grid (not needed since it´s an one-grid-solution)
- changed grid-color slightly

new in v1.3
- Auto-Disable GridMove-Transparency if Aero (GPU based Desktop rendering) is disabled. (The transparency does not feel very good without GPU based Desktop rendering)
(Checks every 10 seconds for a change)
- Re-enabled and resolution change checker"
("ReloadOnResolutionChange", checks every 10 seconds)

new in v1.3.1
- auto-calculating caption-heights (now works for XP, Vista, 7. should work even with very custom caption-font-sizes, caption-heights, border-heights and windows classic- and accessbility themes)
hint only for users who use windows font-scaling above 100% (standard): GridMove also works with windows font-scaling above 100% (standard). BUT in Vista or 7 you have to use the old "Windows XP style DPI scaling" method. It´s a checkbox in the submenu of the font scaling menu you have to check.
- now detects os version: xp and vista/7. if vista/7 is detected caption-heights for some special windows (CabinetWClass,IEFrame) are calculated differently
- some minor changes and improvements

new in v1.3.2
- More Windows XP/Vista friendly: Added maximize function to dead top center area of the screen if XP or Vista is detected, Windows 7 does not need it since it has it built in (Aero Snap)
- Change EdgeTime to 0 if Windows XP/Vista detected, value for Windows 7 stays at 250
- Change name to "GridMove Portable 7Lite". Makes more sense i think :)
- some minor changes and improvements

new in v1.3.2a
- Fixed a bug in "Ignore/Unignore Window" function: Fixed errors with special characters like \.*?+[{|()^$ in exceptions list

new in v1.3.2b
- Set "resize-window-border" to 3 px because it´s calculated wrong in by Windows 7
- color changes (grid color and overlay color)
- GridMove now works with Windows Vista/7 high dpi "new scaling method":
The Vista/7 "new scaling method" is automatically disabled for GridMove via compatibility-flag. The registry-flag is only set once - the first time you start GridMove - so no worries
- some minor changes and improvements

new in v1.4 (2013-10-05)
- renamed to "GridMove Lite Portable"
- introducing windows 8 / 8.1 support
- updated icon (higher resolution)
- added file icon for .exe files
- minor bugfixes and enhancements

new in v1.4.1 (2013-10-12)
- improved windows 8 / 8.1 support
- tried to fix nasty GridMove-bug when using 2 or more displays - caused edgedrag not to work in some sporadic situations. looks good now, needs more testing
- new tray option: use transparency even without DRM
- new tray option: disable auto-reload on resolution change
- optimized tray menu
- now supporting up to 3 displays (2 before)
- grid border size now 2px instead of 1px
- changed about-menu (modern style and tabs reordered)
- changed first-run message and traytip
- nicer message windows for "Ignore/unignore window"
- minor bugfixes and enhancements
- files still compiled with AutoHotkey Basic ( + latest upx) because of issues with AutoHotkey_L

I have split this topic, in order to reduce the entropy in gridmove's topic ;)

Is 65pt a good value for you? doesn't it inadvertedly start when you click other buttons at the top of windows?

Thanks for moving my post.

65px was a the maximum height value you can drag the explorer window under windows 7.

The thing under Windows 7 is:

You can even drag the windows-explorer window below the "explorer-adress-bar" (showing the path), not only in the upper caption-area.
And to make it worse other "normal" maximized windows like Firefox have a smaller caption height (which is almost as small as under XP).
So there is no perfect value to use. :(

I had no real problems with 65px, although i could provoke the EdgeDetection when dragging some menus in the window, which is not correct.

I think that´s what you mean?

To minimize the "problem" i now changed the value again:
- 35px (windows font size @ 96dpi standard)
which is the exact max. caption height. i´m ignoring the fact that you can drag the windows-explorer window below the "explorer-adress-bar" (since nobody drags a window at this area)
- 46px (only if windows font size higher than 96dpi detected)
which is the exact max. caption height when using a window font-zoom of 200 percent.

I can imagine only one solution for the "problem":

We have to detect if a window is really in "dragged state" to avoid the EdgeDetecting firing when dragging window menus and moving the cursor to the left edge of the screen at the same time. (for example)

But this is not possible as far as i read in the AHK docs and forums?

New idea to solve the problem:

Almost all windows which have a higher caption height like the windows-explorer window have the class name "CabinetWClass".

I think i will detect this and set the higher value only for this class.
We´ll see. :)


Exact values should be the following, i think:

Normal windows @ non-maximized state:
30px caption height for GridMove

Normal windows @ maximized state:
22px caption height for GridMove

Special windows "CabinetWClass" @ non-maximized state:
34px caption height for GridMove

Special windows "CabinetWClass" @ maximized state:
26px caption height for GridMove

Will try to implement it.

Yes, I imagined something like that might happen. In win7, the height of the titlebar of a window changes with a few things.


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