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GridMove Lite Portable | Windows7/8 ready, combine w/ Aero Snap | XP/Vista Supp.

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I think we got an rock solid solution now.

I filtered two window classes (CabinetWClass,IEFrame). These two are the only special window classes i´ve found in Win7. All other windows seem to be standard windows with normal caption height.

Normal windows now use:
29px (seems to work perfect for both non-maximized and maximized state)

Special windows (higher caption) now use:
33px (seems to work perfect for both non-maximized and maximized state)

As you can see i corrected the value down by 1px as a result of more testing.
Now they seem to be the perfect values to not start inadvertedly but nonetheless it works every time you drag the window)

Updated first post with new download v1.2

I´m very happy with the result.

New version v1.3 - updated first post:

- Support Windows 7 "Classic View" (small caption height, but explorer window caption is still a few pixel higher)

- Auto-Disable GridMove-Transparency if Aero (GPU based Desktop rendering) is disabled. (The transparency does not feel very good without GPU based Desktop rendering)
(Checks every 10 seconds for a change)

- Re-enabled your resolution change checker"
("ReloadOnResolutionChange", checks every 10 seconds)

Question: Do you remember why you disabled it? I think it´s a good idea?

I delayed one of the checks so that there is one check every 5 seconds and not two checks every 10 seconds.

From what I remember, I disabled the resolution change because people had trouble with it being constantly changing, but I can't remember why.
I think it only happened to few people, but it was really annoying and made gridmove unusable.

Thanks for your reply. Since it works very well on my Win7 after some minimal changes, i´ll leave it activated by now. Maybe it was a problem with XP. Let´s wait. Maybe we can add it to the config to disable it for those rare cases.

At the moment im trying to calculate the caption height dynamically, so all themes and custom settings (custom caption font sizes etc.) work.
Works good so far. New version coming soon. :)

In addition i would like to detect the operating system. No idea how that works... Will read... :)


New version v1.3.1 online - updated first thread.

Maybe we should "advertise" GridMove a little more :D
I´ll post it on some blogs.

Good night...


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