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GridMove Lite Portable | Windows7/8 ready, combine w/ Aero Snap | XP/Vista Supp.

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You´re right. Since it´s only stretched i´ll leave it this way. For some reason i initially thought it was repeated which makes no sense since there was a width and height for the loaded image. Maybe because of the typical image-repeating i do in XHTML/CSS stuff most of the time. :)

Today i tested GridMove again with higher font-dpi-scaling in Win7  (new win7 scaling method, no "xp-mode" scaling) and it worked. That´s confuses me because i remember i tested it and it did not work. That´s because i wrote down the hint.
This are mostly extreme scenarios but i´ll test some more.
At the moment it works good on my test-system with 200% dpi size. Additionaly i switched DWM off and on like crazy to check if all the checks are working.

Btw: Just tested GridMove with my Win7 x64 and a non-admin user account and UAC @ standard. Seems it works without any problems.
-helloall (May 19, 2010, 12:35 PM)
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Cool, I have observed some strange behaviour (specifically with windows live messenger) in such setting, though :(
-jgpaiva (May 20, 2010, 05:23 AM)
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What happens?

Man, ugly long testing.  :huh:

I think we got a solution for the new dpi scaling method in Vista/7 higher than 100% which causes GridMove malfunction:

--- Code: AutoIt ---if(WindowsVista7Detected) {    RegRead, regDpiAware, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers, %A_ScriptDir%\GridMove.exe    if(regDpiAware != "HIGHDPIAWARE") {      RegWrite, REG_SZ, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers, %A_ScriptDir%\GridMove.exe, HIGHDPIAWARE      Reload    }  }
This disables the "new method DPI-scaling" only for GridMove.
You also can do it manually when you right-click GridMove.exe -> Properties and look at the Compatibility Tab. It´s the next to last checkbox.

Works very well. I think UAC will ask for permission the first time it´s set to the registry. Afterwards it won´t be set again and we´re good i think.

Good night :)

New version online

Edit 2:
I´m happy to report that UAC does not show a message when the compability-flag is written to the registry the first time GridMove starts. Nice.

I've tried to set a custom grid in the GridMove.exe.ini file and it didn't work. So I've renamed the two already present grids and added my grid (simple2.grid).
This is the part of the GridMove.exe.ini file, that I've changed:

--- ---[GridSettings]
And this is my simple2.grid file (in the Grids directory):

--- ---[Groups]
NumberOfGroups = 3

 TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top]
 TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
 TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
 TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
  GridTop    = [Monitor1Top]
  GridBottom = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
  GridLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
  GridRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3

 TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
 TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
 TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
 TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
  GridTop    = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
  GridBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
  GridRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3

 TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top]
 TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
 TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
 TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Right]
  GridTop    = [Monitor1Top]
  GridBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridLeft   = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
  GridRight  = [Monitor1Right]
GridMove says that:
There was an error while opening the grid file. Reverting to default config. Please select another grid from the templates menu. ErrorCode:001.

And the next error:
Error: menu does not exist. The current thread will exit.
Specifically: Templates
line #
---> 2011: Menu,Templates,DeleteAll

Also, I can't find the templates menu... (should it appear in the menu when I click the icon on the taskbar? there is no such entry in the menu).
I'm using 1.3.2b version on Windows Tablet Edition 2005


Hi krusader23.
Try re-installing gridmove, and instead of renaming the grids, just make a copy with a new name.
You don't need to edit the .ini, just add the file to the grids/ folder and then select the grid from the templates menu (after selecting "refresh this menu").

The only menu that shows to me is:
GridMove Lite Portable | Windows7/8 ready, combine w/ Aero Snap | XP/Vista Supp.


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