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Program to send Windows + Right (or Left) Arrow ?


When I'm remoted into a distant PC I am unable to maximize windows left or right on the remote PC by by holding down the Windows key and pressing the left or right arrow key. The key combination is always intercepted by my own PC.  Does a program exist that I can place on the remote PC and simply double-click on it to generate the needed keystroke (one for left arrow, another for right arrow)?

What you are asking should be easy, and one of the autohotkey (ahk) coders who hang out here should be able to code it pretty easily.

However let me suggest a small tweak -- instead of a shortcut to trigger the double click, a better solution might be something that converted another keypress into your desired keypress.  i.e. let you use F9 and F10 for win+left and win+right.
There might be several advantages to that: First, would be quicker to trigger.  Second, it would not involve leaving the focus of the current program, which could otherwise make this process more difficult.

Excellent suggestion!  :Thmbsup:  So, map an unused function key to the desired keyboard combination. By all means!

What software do you use to connect to the remote PC, mstsc (Windows' Remote Desktop Client)?
I'm using Terminals (find it here), and that supports the use of Win-Arrow, Alt-Tab, etc. inside the remote system, instead of acting on your local Windows box, unlike the standard Remote Desktop Client, even though Terminals is using the Terminal Services ActiveX control. It just works. And you have all your remote desktops in one tabbed window.
A very happy user here (no connections with the maker), highly recommended :Thmbsup:

I've tried a few software for this but I keep sticking with WinSplit Revolution v.11.04. It gives you controls both for mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts. It is no longer being developed, but if you're lucky, you might be able to find it on some download site. I run it in Windows XP compatibility on a Win7 64-bit system.


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