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NANY 2011 Pledge: Crush Sniffer

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Here´s my thing for the next NANY:
For security reasons it´s an activity logger/sniffer for Unix/Linux-Systems with a special analysis-viewer for Windows.
Find infiltrating network access, all file & process activities by every or defined users and trace all they´re doing without your permission!
Illegal usage to control others without their knowledge is strictly forbidden! Only for system security administrators!

A first screenshot of the analysis program (will be english at release): NANY 2011 Pledge: Crush Sniffer

I'm confused about the description -- is it supposed to work for both Windows and UNIX/Linux type of system?

Apart from that sounds handy :)

It sounds a bit strange, that´s right  ;). The Sniffer-program runs only via scripting in a Linux command console creating some logfiles with timestamps. I´m no Unix/Linux coder, so I did the analyzer as a windows program. Perhaps I´ll later try to use wxwidgets or something like this for the user interface. Otherwise, it should work fine with wine if needed. The analyzer is only a simple logfile-filter and synchronized viewer, looking for time overlap in the different log-windows correcting the views.

Thanks for the explanation -- it makes more sense to me now :)


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